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Student Affairs for Extended Campuses


The Department of Student Affairs for Extended Campuses supports UGA’s academic mission at the Gwinnett, Griffin, and Tifton Campuses by providing or supporting programs, services, and resources that enhance the development of the whole student and inspire students’ physical, occupational, social, intellectual, and emotional growth.

Specific programs and services include:

  • Wellness and fitness activities and information
  • Multicultural programs
  • Student handbook
  • Crisis and counseling referral
  • Student health insurance information
  • Freedom of expression and on-campus fundraising policies
  • UGA Card
  • Testing services
  • Disability accommodations
  • Withdrawals after the midpoint
  • Student organization registration
  • Student life activities and events
  • Community service opportunities

We also provide information about — or connect students directly with —these Athens-based programs and services:

  • Disability Resource Center
  • Student Financial Aid
  • Registrar
  • Bursar
  • Career Center
  • Student Conduct
  • LGBT Student Resource Center
  • African American Cultural Center
  • Multicultural Services and Programs
  • International Education
  • University Health Center
  • Violence Prevention
  • International Student Life
  • University Housing
  • Greek Life

For more information about any of these programs and services, please contact us using the information provided above.

Statement of Values

The core values that guide and enable the DSAEC staff’s work are:

Effective Leadership – We strive to be guiding, decisive leaders by responding to individual, campus, and institutional needs and creating a pro-active vision for the future.

Integrity – We build trust and credibility by being ethical, honest, and transparent in our work.  We are dedicated to serving students and we persevere through circumstances to uphold our reputation of dependability.

Innovation – We are dedicated to providing creative, flexible solutions to changing student and organizational needs.

Teamwork – We value strengthening individual team member autonomy and encouraging collaboration.  We consistently work to promote team unity, mutual assistance, and loyalty.

Creating Community - We strive to promote positive, honest, caring, and respectful communications.  We value openness and listening and we actively seek the feedback of our community.  We strive to treat everyone with kindness and empathy to promote inclusiveness and equity.