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Extended Campuses

UGA Extended Campuses

Contact Information

To learn more about UGA’s Extended Campuses and for contact information for each campus, visit ovpi.uga.edu/about-ovpi/ovpi-units/extended-campuses.

Office of the Vice President for Instruction
Extended Campuses Executive Committee

Mission and Objectives
The Extended Campuses Executive Committee—composed of the directors of the respective four
extended campuses, the Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, and the Associate Vice President
for Instruction—was formed as an expression of the partnership model between the Division of
Student Affairs and extended campuses. The work of the University of Georgia’s extended campuses is
vital to our continued success as one of America’s best public universities. The Extended Campuses
Executive Committee provides a means for strategic partnership among UGA’s extended campuses and
the Division of Student Affairs in support of the student experience on these campuses, both in and
outside of the classroom. The Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs serves as the permanent
liaison between the Division of Student Affairs and all extended campuses.

The mission of the Extended Campuses Executive Committee is to coordinate and provide input on the
critical needs, goals, and directions of the extended campuses, as well as address the innovative
connections and partnerships necessary to advance that work. The committee provides an opportunity
to determine, with the input of broader staff constituents, faculty, and students, a robust offering of
services aimed to enhance student learning and success on the extended campuses. The executive
committee solidifies a structured relationship between all extended campuses, the Office of the Vice
President for Instruction, and the Division of Student Affairs.

Responsibilities and Governance
The Executive Committee reports to the Vice President for Instruction and is responsible for the
following on the extended campuses:

  • Provide input to strategic planning and setting of priorities
  • Determine goals and policies that adhere to university-wide requirements and meet the needs of the specific populations of each campus
  • Innovate targeted, campus-specific student services and activities
  • Address personnel, budget, and organizational issues related to student services
  • Coordinate appropriate relationships between extended campuses and service providers on the Athens campus